TIDAL Sunray G2

TIDAL Sunray G2 - the successor of the mighty TIDAL Sunray (2003 - 2013). The first generation Sunray was and still is - very literally - a Statement, beyond the alleged top league and must allow only one comparison: a very good seat in a live concert. Many reference reviews and official 'Best Sound of Show' from the most important magazines worldwide were the result and lead to an actually incredible number of sales given the exclusivity of this speaker.
The new Sunray G2 offers a complete new speaker from the inside while having the iconic and unique outer design only subtle improved - such as all classics. It uses all completely new drivers, new crossover technology, TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRALIT, an all-new terminal with pure silver binding posts and much more. All together the TIDAL Sunray G2 is the best speaker we have ever built.

  • 3 seperated self-adjusting modules for high-midrange and bass: 2 x TIDAL-NV-bass modules, 1 x TIDAL-ND-RMD high-midrange modules, cabinet-walls up to 5" thick, optimized internal aerodynamic conditions
  • step response controlled point-source-centred bass reproduction, the bass is beeing reproduced around the high-midrange source. harmonic excitation of room-modes for a very even and symetrical first reflexion in the room - therefore very uncrtitical to place even in smaller rooms
  • quasi-infinate front-baffle by 'pneumatic-airwall', phaseshift-controlled submodules, phase controlled cabinet correction for real recording reproductions without "blowing it up" to unreal dimensions
  • 1 x 30 mm (1.2") pure diamond tweeter, underhang system, non ferro fluid, decoupled metal alloy housing
  • 2 x 173 mm (7") mm BCC (Black Coated Ceramic) long excursion low distortion midrange woofer, aluminum clamp ring with special curve shape to avoid reflexions from the diaphragm protection grill
  • 4 x 280 mm black ceramic woofer, long excursion underhang system

  • TIRALIT multi chamber cabinet
  • Active/passive bass driver CIC-configuration
  • AEROTUNE-System: 2-times adjustable, for flexible and uncritical in-room placement (FLAT, Gain A)
  • VarioGain: adjustable bass-gaining for room adaption (FLAT, Gain A, Gain B)
  • adjustable diamond-tweeter curve (hard room-refections / soft room-reflections)
  • mechanical and pressure isolated passive crossover network laid out with ultra low tolerance components
  • exclusive use of pure copperfoil-capacitors in PIOCAST-technology (pure silver optional), silver-carbon-resistances and PIOCAST-air-core-inductors for longest term stability
  • extremly linear frequency response, excellent step response, optimised phase and group delay
  • pure silver binding posts for perfect contact, isolated massive aluminum knobs on fiberglass isolation core, adjustable bi-wiring / passive bi-amping / active bi-amping

    Recommended component for the TIDAL Sunray: TIDAL LPX.

    The TIDAL LPX is a pure analoge and descrete build active crossover, using our reference pre amp technology.

    It is perfectly designed and matched to the Sunray for active powered bass-modules. The Sunray is designed to drive fully passive incl. many bass-adoptions for the room, but to drive the bass-modules active powered increases the precision and flexibility even more.

    Please feel free to download the schematics for it here:

    Sunray with two stereo-amps.PDF

    Sunray with four mono-amps.PDF

  • drivers: 4 x 222 mm woofers, 2 x 170 mm midrange-woofer, 1 x 30 mm tweeter
  • nominal power input: 150 / 800 VA
  • nominal impedance: 4-6 Ohm, no impedance drops below that
  • recommended amp input: real 20 Watt at 8 Ohm are ok for normal listening levels. To use the whole enormous dynamic range of it we recommend 400 watts at 8 ohm.
  • efficiency: since mostly unrealistic numbers of competitors we don't want to confuse clients by non-saying numbers on paper. Therefore we just write: very good efficiency, an easy load even with tube amps
  • dimensions: 34 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 206 cm (Height with feet and isolators)
  • weight: 320 kg each (640 pair), shipment 380 Kg (pair 760 Kg)